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The Resilient Spirit

The workshop begins with assessing the qualities and characteristics of resilient individuals and organizations. Participants then chart their own empowering beliefs as well as commonly-held beliefs that may be sabotaging the individual, team or organization.


The Situation Room

Using a four-quadrant grid, participants analyze a situation that is challenging to the individual, team or organization. By plotting their circumstance on the grid, participants gain a deeper understanding of the nature of the challenge they are facing, and discover which skills, strategies and perspectives to apply. The Situation Room Grid is a useful assessment template that can be used over and over again, whenever participants, teams or organizations face volatile, uncertain, complex or ambiguous challenges.


The Resilience Spiral ™

The Resilience Spiral is an interactive model that helps participants place this period of their work lives into a larger perspective. By applying Resilience 2.0 findings to longer periods of their careers, they learn how to elongate the upswings in work life cycles, as well as how to navigate through the downswings as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Resilience 2.0 Card Deck ™

This deck of 52 playing cards is an engaging way to identify individual, team and organizational Resilience 2.0 strengths as well as areas ripe for further development. For individual, team or group use.


The Humor-Rich Environment Quiz ™

This inventory puts participants’ optimism muscles to good use. Participants learn how to advance their capacity to motivate themselves and others through cultivating their sense of humor.


“The Art of Resilience” Book and Practices ™

This checklist and accompanying book provide suggested activities, disciplines, rituals and habits participants can draw upon to help them continue to build a strong Resilience 2.0 practice. Each of the practices stands alone. However, participants have the option of sampling illustrations and related practices from around the world and across the millennium in their personal copy of the Random House book “The Art of Resilience.”





High-value entertaining participant materials, including


• The Resilience 2.0 Workbook

• “The Art of Resilience” (Random House)

• The Resilience 2.0 Card Deck


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Leader support materials and training, including


• Planning guide

• Teaching aids

• Optional Train-the-Trainer


After participating in the workshop, internal trainers may attend a Train-the-Trainer certification program so that they can deliver Resilience 2.0 within their organizations.


Flexible delivery options

Workshop can delivered in 2, 3 or 4-hour programs, and can also be expanded into mini-retreat format.


Experts in the field can deliver the programs to your teams


Follow-up coaching available


The Resilience 2.0 Workshop is highly interactive, consisting of a series of individual, team and group exercises that build organically upon one another. The tools range from informative and revealing to inspirational and fun. Each of the processes has been carefully designed to be supportive rather than confronting. The tools can also be easily adapted to the particular needs and situations your organization is facing.






a workshop for increasing individual, team and organizational


Our resilience perspective and skills are more important than ever as we face the challenges of living and working in turbulent times.


We must continue to value and hone our capacity for innovation, creativity and optimistic energy in order to stay strong in a rapidly changing and unpredictable world.


This dramatic new approach to achieving renewal and mastery is Resilience 2.0.




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Resilience 2.0

Resilience 2.0

Building a Thriving Workforce in Challenging Times


You are living in the period of time that will produce more change for humanity than any previous era in history.

It is a time of extraordinary importance that will fundamentally reshape almost every aspect

of your life.


Wholesale change is taking place in

almost every segment of your reality,

and the pace will only increase

in the coming years


—John Peterson, Futurist

The Road to 2015


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The Four C's

Resilience 2.0 begins where traditional change management leaves off by examining the following questions:



How can I keep my spirits up, regardless of the challenges I face?


Discover the qualities and characteristics of resilient people, teams and organizations as well as commonly-held beliefs that may be sabotaging influences.



What resources can I draw upon that will allow me to act confidently even in uncertain or ambiguous circumstances?


The key to resilience is understanding the nature of the situation you are facing, and knowing which skills, strategies and perspectives to apply when. Learn how to bring your best to whatever comes your way.



How can I shift my perspective to find fresh solutions when I can no longer rely solely on old problem-solving approaches?


Master the Resilience Spiral model to elongate the upswings in your work life cycles, and navigate through the downswings as quickly and efficiently as possible.



What do I have to contribute to my team and who can I call upon to help me broaden my support network?


Sort and share the Resilience 2.0 deck of cards to determine your strongest suit, what you need most to develop and what to ask of others.




Increased confidence in the face of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity


The courage to handle whatever situations arise


Recourse to new approaches when old problem-solving methods no longer work


Faster recovery from setbacks and the ability to embrace larger perspectives


Expectations that both the individual and team have what it takes to deliver the best outcomes possible


Advanced resilience responses, including empathy, restoration of trust and a well-honed sense of humor





and Team


Who Benefits from

Resilience 2.0

 Reinforcement of the message that this organization is resilient, even in the face of change, challenge and uncertainty


The creation of individual, team and organizational contexts that ensure optimum teamwork and enhanced perspectives


Demonstration that the organization goes the extra mile, willing and able to address difficult issues head-on


Maximum learnings to build a stronger foundation for the future


Optimized productivity, reduction of burn-out and turn-over



Employees who are facing uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations


Individuals dealing with setbacks, disappointment or frustration


Organizations wanting to restore or elevate trust and confidence levels, both internally and externally


Teams that need to operate optimally even in challenging times


Employees affected by downsizing or restructuring


Managers charged with keeping employees motivated during times when traditional rewards and methods can’t be relied upon exclusively


About Us

BEVERLY OLEVIN has designed and managed large-scale career development programs in both the public and private sector. With Beverly Kaye, she has invented training instruments, games and tools of self-discovery that have been widely used internationally. Her articles on mentoring, creativity and innovation have appeared in many publications including the Los Angeles Times and Personnel Journal. Beverly has spent twenty-five years as a management consultant with specialties in career development, diversity training, management training, human resources planning and creativity.


She has designed and presented unique programs that address the need for resilience, creativity, flexibility, and innovation is these rapidly changing and stressful times. Her focus is on fostering a climate that promotes individual responsibility and the awareness that uncertainty can be a positive force leading to new opportunities.


DR. CAROL ORSBORN is an internationally-known thought leader connecting the social sciences with direct application to our workplaces and lives. She is the author of 20 books translated into 15 languages including The Art of Resilience (Random House) and Fierce with Age (Turner Publishing.)


An expert on adult development, linking quality of life issues to success, Dr. Orsborn serves as editor-in-chief of Fierce with The Online Digest of Boomer Wisdom, Inspiration and Spirituality.  Her blogs and op-eds on work/life run regularly on the site, as well as on the Huffington Post, Humana, PBS’s Next Avenue and  She has appeared on Oprah and on The Today Show multiple times, and in the pages of People Magazine and The New York Times, among many others.


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